Sunday, April 18, 2010


Sticker art (also known as sticker bombing, slap tagging, and sticker tagging) is a form of street art in which an image or message is publicly displayed using stickers. These stickers may promote a political agenda, comment on a policy or issue, or comprise an avant garde art campaign. Sticker art is considered a subcategory of postmodern art.

This form of street art allows graffiti tags to instantly be placed anywhere accessible, with a much lower risk of apprehension and less damage to the target surface than is possible with other types of street art.


Anonymous said...

Until now, im still wondering what are you doing actually? Cost for a sticker is a bit expensive and it seems like you're wasting your money by pasting it everywhere.

Well buddy, please don't get mad. I'm just asking, & i think you're wasting ur talent to do such a useless thing like you're doing now. Your art is wonderful, why don't u try selling your artworks?



yo dude, or gurl? erm...
we never really wanted to be rich or wat eva the crap u wanted us to be. we are born to be street artist, the city prankster... dat's why we called ourselves VANDALISM... if we do wat we've been told to do and abide the rules we would called ourselves the PUSSY cat dolls or something like dat :-) but thanks for ur concern on our money aight? someday we'd like to buy u lunch... ehehe

Anonymous said...

I'm F for female

Oh i see. While the street is getting older, people tend to fight for money, wealth and their interest. I'm a bit shock to hear such people like you, ignoring this money-something and willing to go out there, on the street just to show your arts to the public.

Well i'm telling you it's not too bad. I love arts and put a super big hope to watch our talented artist grow, as big as another nation. But it still need some money to do that.

Last but not lease, no matter what happened, i still love your arts and i hope you'll think about what am i saying before. Peace

Thanks for BUYING, it still need money.
Just joke bro,

Ms. F


Dear Ms.F

Money doesn't owe us... we are the one who suppose to control money... that's why we tryna' show people how things not necessarily works according to what other people wanted it to works. art is for everyone, even picasso when he first started to paint doesn't give a shit bout' money or everything... only people around him who had commercialized his works.

BUT SERIOUSLY... we have enough money to buy u lunch sometimes. even dinner if u like. ahaha...


Anonymous said...

Hi again

How you doing buddy?
It was been so long since the last time i drop my last comment here. Well, arts is still beautifull even it was commerciallized or if the underground artist jump themselves to be a mainstreamers. Nothing is so different between the underground and the mainstream as long as they fight for their arts, their pride and talent.

Why don't they take the opportunity, their talent, their ability to create a beautiful arts to make money from it? I'm a bit sad watching some of our local artist still sitting under the same tree since 15 years ago, and couldn't make some profit for them. While the others, who commercialized their arts, enjoy & happily, sell their arts to the people while they also reach their self-interest in that field (arts).

Thanks, you still inviting. Nothing is special about my comments. Please, take it easy.

I'm Ms. F for Fiona
(Later i write down my full name)


To Ms. Fiona...

Don't take us wrong, we don't against making money over your art. But we just wanna stressed out here that it's not always about living large. What we trying to show is how artist these days had lost their soul over all those fancy things.

It's not about the pride either, Check out the names like BANKSY, one of the names that showed us how a true street artist should be. Not many people has seen his true identity. His used the street as his canvas.

For us, we do sell our art but not for money, we used it to make more free artworks :-P

we still wanna to buy you lunch not because your comments, but for your enthusiasm over us :-D

Ms. Fiona... there's more to this world than what you can think of...

Anonymous said...


Now i'm agree with you.
Well, i don't have any to comment yet. Later i guess, because i'm quite busy experimenting my drawing on canvas right now so it was hard to tekan tekan the keyboard.

I'm glad to hear from u soon. And buy me a DINNER!

Yours sincerely,
Ms. Fiona George Sabunting



Hope You will get what we trying to say. ahaha...
thanks for your comments...

WE WILL BUY YOU A DINNER. (If we know how to contact you)



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