Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Street poster art is a kind of graffiti, more specifically categorized as "street art". Posters are usually hand-made or printed graphics on thin paper. It can be understood as an art piece that is installed on the streets as opposed to in a gallery or museum, but by some it is not comprehended as a form of contemporary art.


Anonymous said...


I'm here just to comment as a neutral point of view. No hard feelings, but hopefully this will get things straight.
If you have done your research, vandalism isn't a freedom of expression at all. It means destroying something beautiful, which means destruction.

I love your design, although its is a repetition of the well know progressive act OBEY.. it's good to see someone motivated by it.

Everything has their limits, what you didnt know about was the skatepark you have just vandalized. You really dont have a clue how hard it was for them to get the place open to public. It took them months to negotiate with the contractor, and just recently they got the place. They really took care of the place because by right, it's not officially open yet. What makes this skaters get mad by your action.. only maybe they should act that way.

please do be responsible, and clean up your act.
The public place is for everyone, so do respect them. the city isnt yours.. but if you wish to make a name.. try and do something more meaningful and to be appreciated by the public.


Anonymous said...

nice design dude..

Anonymous said...

I think the main reason they paste the poster there is because they try to create colorful environmental to be enjoyed by all the skaters.
Just my twenty cents

Anonymous said...

yeah,im agree 4 dat man..

Anonymous said...

By the way, i like their arts. Everyone has their right to experiment their expression, but i think they had done some good thing on the right time on a wrong place. My honest advice to them, do it another time at another place and people will gonna like it (except the government & the truly art haters).

Sometime i like trouble which handled with professional management by both side. I'm not saying that i'm an old timer by aged in 3*'s but i think i have my right to experiment my expression too. Like they said, "The expression of life" and i love that phrase too much.

Please stay alive skaters & artists

Someone in 3*'s

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